Security Lock Hardware Installation


Installation Instructions:

  1. Attach plates to frame using #6 x 1/2” screws:

    • Mount two plates, evenly spaced, on the top of the frame – these will hang the frame on the wall.

    • Mount the third plate on the bottom rail of the frame – this will engage the locking t-screw.

  2. Position the frame on the wall and mark where brackets should be located based on location of plates at the top of the frame. TIP: The parallel ridges on the mounting plate will mark your bracket position when pressed into most wall surfaces.

  3. Attach the two brackets to the wall using the #10 x 1” screw and the #10 anchors.

    • Place frame on the brackets engaging the plates mounted on the back of the frame.

    • Make sure frame is level. Adjust brackets if required.

  4. Find the center of the bottom plate and mark corresponding spot on wall. TIP: Use the parallel ridges on the plate to mark spot on the wall or place a temporary screw into center of plate opening and use that to mark the wall. NOTE: This step must be done accurately or you’ll have trouble engaging the locking screw. Our T Screw marking wrench makes this task much easier.

  5. Temporarily remove picture from hanging brackets and install T-Screw in wall using the #12 anchor. Tighten screw until it protrudes approximately ½” from wall. Align t-head parallel to floor and plate opening.

  6. Rehang picture on hanging brackets. T-Screw should fit into bottom mounting plate opening. Reach behind picture with locking wrench and turn 90˚ to lock. Your frame is now secure. 

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