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Architectural signage and graphics are hardworking elements that can build brand identity, boost employee engagement, and help visitors find their way. Great architectural signage and environmental graphics do all this while complementing the design of a space and meeting your objectives.

Creative Interior Imagery has helped corporations, hospitals, hotels, schools, churches, and many other clients use beautifully detailed graphics to help tell a brand story and define a space. From floor to ceiling, we have the digital print solutions to create inviting and engaging environments out of any room.

Recommended Types of Graphics and End Uses

  • Decals

  • Clings

  • Window Graphics

  • Custom Wallpaper

  • Fabric & Vinyl Banners

  • Wall-Coverings & Murals

  • Interior/Exterior Signage

  • Custom-Printed Fabric Projects

  • Indoor/Outdoor Media Displays

  • Dimensional Lettering & Logos

  • Floor Graphics & Custom-Printed Flooring

Ready to wow your clients with awe-inspiring graphics? Start a project with us today and let us know what you need - we are always happy to be of assistance!

Architectural Graphic Options

Suede Vinyl Wall Covering

Imagine if you could print artwork on suede! That's what Suede wall covering material resembles. The lightly stippled surface has the same type of nap and random, natural texture of a luxurious suede fabric. The texture adds warmth to the print without disrupting print detail.  The material is fully compliant with all fire codes for indoor commercial installation and engineered for ease of installation and removal.


Fabric Removable Vinyl

Removable vinyl 7 mil removable and re-position-able adhesive-backed, polyester fabric designed primarily for printing interior wall murals. This vinyl provides a beautiful and durable finish to your graphic and will not peel paint or damage walls. This re-position-able adhesive-backed wall covering has the same easy release microsphere adhesive that makes it a favorite of installers across the country.


Artist Canvas Vinyl Wall Covering

The canvas surface replicates the look of utilitarian canvas. The woven texture has a realistic, fabric-like appearance that softens details and adds a rough threaded dimension. Besides its most common use in wall murals, canvas has been used in fine art applications and is also a popular texture for indoor banners as the texture looks like a fabric. 

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Dreamscape Nolar

Nolar is a NON PVC wall covering material that is light weight, and suitable for low traffic areas. Nolar has a very dull, low glare surface.


Matte Vinyl Wall Covering

Matte is a flat finish with a slight tooth suitable for photographic and detailed designs. This smooth surface is recommended for crisp, sharp edged designs with large color area.  The material is fully compliant with all fire codes for indoor commercial installation and engineered for ease of installation and removal.  


MTS Adhesive Vinyl

MTS Adhesive Vinyl (Multi-Textured Surfaces) is a 3.5-mil opaque, bright white matte vinyl with a 2-mil high-performance, aggressive adhesive. MTS solves the challenge of posting temporary advertising graphics and wraps on rough-textured concrete walls, construction barriers, vending machines, and other surfaces that don’t form a secure bond with conventional removable adhesives.


Calendered Vinyls

Our calendered vinyls are perfect for covering and beautifying your flat surfaces. They offer the option for adding art and design to a space, as well as adding an element of privacy and light obfuscation to any transparent surfaces such as windows.


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