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Product Information

Raised letters not only are long lasting and professional looking, but they also tend to give signs more credibility and attention. Our raised letters are typically made of either acrylic or PVC that we cut on our router (and sometimes include a vinyl face), depending on the needs of the application and the look desired.

These letters make excellent signage for outside your business, above your door, and around your office or building. Their dramatic look will naturally draw attention to help employees and patrons alike find their way into and around your facilities.

Recommended Types of Graphics and End Uses

  • Indoor/Outdoor Branding

  • Indoor/Outdoor Signage

  • Area Designation (Help Desk, Cafeteria, et cetera.)

Looking to make an impact with your signage? Start a project with us today and let us know what you need - we are always happy to be of assistance!

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