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Architectural signage and graphics are hardworking elements that can build brand identity, boost employee engagement, and help visitors find their way. Great architectural signage and environmental graphics do all this while complementing the design of a space and meeting your objectives.

Creative Interior Imagery has helped corporations, hospitals, hotels, schools, churches, and many other clients use beautifully detailed graphics to help tell a brand story and define a space. From floor to ceiling, we have the digital print solutions to create inviting and engaging environments out of any room.

Recommended Types of Graphics and End Uses

  • Decals

  • Clings

  • Window Graphics

  • Custom Wallpaper

  • Fabric & Vinyl Banners

  • Wall-Coverings & Murals

  • Interior/Exterior Signage

  • Custom-Printed Fabric Projects

  • Indoor/Outdoor Media Displays

  • Dimensional Lettering & Logos

  • Floor Graphics & Custom-Printed Flooring

Ready to wow your clients with awe-inspiring graphics? Start a project with us today and let us know what you need - we are always happy to be of assistance!

Calendered Vinyls

Our calendered vinyls are perfect for covering and beautifying your flat surfaces. They offer the option for adding art and design to a space, as well as adding an element of privacy and light obfuscation to any transparent surfaces such as windows.

Recommended Types of Graphics and End Uses

  • Wall Murals

  • Window Graphics

  • Privacy Screens

  • Light Control


Cast Vinyls

Our cast vinyls are an excellent way to turn rounded surfaces into a branding space or a work of art! Great for advertising outdoors, on your car, or on otherwise unusually curved surfaces!

Recommended Types of Graphics and End Uses

  • Curved Surfaces

  • Vehicle Graphics/Wraps

  • Outdoor Applications

  • Specialty Signage


Frosted Window Film

Create a frosted, cut or sandblasted glass finish. Frosted vinyl is a versatile film that can be printed on and/or cut for a permanent, durable graphic that will last. It also works great as a privacy screen!

This high quality vinyl film is designed for indoor and outdoor etched glass decoration. Our frosted vinyl uses a clear, permanent adhesive, offers a subdued/consistent light transmission, and has a reduced gloss surface which prevents undesired reflection.

Recommended Types of Graphics and End Uses

  • Decorative Design of Windows

  • Glass Doors

  • Mirrors

  • Glass-like Surfaces

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